Client: Aveksa Inc.

Wrote and illustrated cartoons for the Aveksa blog page

© Joe Kandra for Aveka Inc.

Client: Kronos Ic.

Designed and illustrated a typical call to Kronos global support team in the style of Rube Goldberg

© Kronos Inc.

Client: Kronos Inc.

Designed and illustrated fliers for the annual Kronos employee holiday party

© Kronos Inc.

Clients: Richard Pascale and Monique Sternin

Designed and created illustration for “The Power of Positive Deviance” book and website

© Richard Pascale and Monique Sternin

Clients: Cisco Systems

Created illustration for internal donation drive

© Cisco Systems

Client: Cisco Systems

Designed and illustrated cartoons of Cisco’s competitors

© Cisco Systems

My Thanksgiving postcard

A sampling of personal cartoon work

My web comic “One Small Step

© Joe Kandra